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Renewable Energy

Most of the electricity used in our homes and businesses comes from burning fossil fuels. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency this is the leading cause of industrial air pollution. So every time a light is turned on or the air conditioner is used, harmful pollutants are released into the atmosphere. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Renewable energy is now available to anyone, anywhere in the country and is a clean, sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. Renewable energy also helps rural farming communities and diversifies our energy supply, preserving natural resources.

Since it is physically impossible to deliver electricity straight from a renewable energy source, like a wind farm, to Lifeway, renewable energy credits make purchasing clean energy possible. Renewable energy credits ensure that the amount of electricity Lifeway uses to produce Kefir is replaced onto the grid with a renewable source, like wind power, making it cleaner for everyone.

Lifeway now purchases renewable energy credits to offset 100% of the electricity used to produce its products. This landmark effort will avoid over 2.5 million pounds of carbon dioxide pollution. This has the same impact as planting 335 acres of trees or removing 222 cars from the road.

Frequently asked question

  • 1.   What do I get when I choose wind power?
    The satisfaction of reducing your environmental footprint today by supporting the developing of wind power.
  • 2.   Where does my electricity come from?
  • 3.   Why is conventional electricity generation harmful?
  • 4.   Why is wind power more expensive?
  • 5.   Don't wind turbines kill a lot of birds?
  • 6.   Is there enough wind power potential for it to be a realistic source of electricity?
  • 7.   Does choosing wind power affect my utility company bill?
  • 8.   Can I choosing wind power if I rent instead of own? What if I don't pay an electric bill?
  • 9.   Is this really just a donation?
  • 10. How do I know I will get what I paid for?
  • 11. How do I sign up for wind power?
  • 12. What is American Wind?
  • 13. What are carbon offsets and how do they relate to purchasing wind power?
  • 14. What if I have other questions?