Third Quarter 2014 Earnings Conference Call.
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Facts, Features & Faq’s

  • Lifeway Foods ONLY uses milk that is rBGH free (Bovine Growth Hormones) and Antibiotics free. The milk also comes from farms that take great care for the cows, treating them in a humane way
  • Lifeway Kefir contains seven to ten billion CFU’s of 10 Probiotic Cultures per cup - for digestive health and the immune system plus ProBoost™ - a blend of two powerful probiotic strains clinically proven to support immunity and digestion
  • All of Lifeway's products are gluten free
  • Lifeway Kefir helps with lactose intolerance
  • Lifeway Kefir Products are sweetened with Organic Cane Sugar, not High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Lifeway Kefir is high in Calcium and Protein
  • All Lifeway Products are Kosher (CRC certified)